Removing the veil between this world and the next

“Dr. Kavelin takes us on a special journey where we learn there is so much more to this world than we could ever imagine. The veil separating us from those that have gone before is not a barrier, if we but choose to connect, to seek their assistance, to allow them to be a part of our lives. Through stories the author paints a picture that if we open our inner eye we can see. That there is a connection between this world and the next and that both we and those on the other side can and do help each other if we open our hearts and see with a spiritual yes and hear with a spiritual ear.
Dr. Kavelin provides the reader with examples from his own life experiences and those of others of this interconnectedness between this world and the next and our own ancestors can assist us on this plain. The Indigenous peoples of the world have much to teach us if we take the time to learn, and Dr. Kavelin honors them with sharing their understanding and melding it with the belief systems of others and his own. I highly recommend Nudges from Grandfather: Honouring Indigenous Spiritual Technologies to you, it is a wonderful and inspiring read.”

-Eric Mondschein


An excellent read for anyone who is ready for a spiritual awakening

“Nudges from Grandfather was a wonderful read. I would recommend it to anyone who is prepared for a spiritual transformation. I read each story with wonder, and felt the awe and gratitude of the author for his spiritual connections with people in this world and the next. Reading this book has made me more open to the process of action and reflection, and more ready to listen for and accept guidance from loved ones who have moved on to the spiritual realm. Highly recommended.”

– Emily

5.0 out of 5 stars This was a fantastic read, soulful

“This was a fantastic read, soulful, meditative, encouraging. In his writing, Chris makes himself vulnerable to the reader, opening his life in a poetic and raw portrait of a servant to humanity.”

-Verified Amazon Customer

“I loved this book. The stories in this book provided me wonderful examples of living in spirit and of being attuned to promptings from the next world and from our own intuition. The stories also gave a privileged peek into examples of indigenous knowledge in action.
I have been inspired to focus more of my attention to attuning and listening after prayer and to have the courage to act on that, and to trust that voice. Thanks Chris. Your stories and example have always been inspiring and I’m looking forward to the next edition.”

– Heather-anne

“‘Nudges’ was a wonderful confirmation for me about the way Spirit works and gave me a megaboost of trust in this aspect of my life. I enjoyed the image of our ancestors having an opportunity to chew the fat with each other when two living humans get together.

The reader gets to witness Chris’s passionate seeking of wisdom keepers and his deep respect for them, in his stories. We get to understand what a responsibility it is to walk this path, where only the heart can show the way, and also how rewarding.”


Weaving Faith and Service in academic pursuits.

“I loved reading the ways Chris connected with his heavenly helpers to achieve extraordinary things for the betterment of the world. His trust in Divine assistance and his dedication to serving the Indigenous peoples of the world was inspirational.
I loved how he weaved stories from his family and Faith to into his scientific and academic pursuits.”

-Verified Amazon customer

“Nudges from Grandfather is a book written with such generosity of spirit, wonder and awe that I couldn’t help but to feel inspired. In a series of related stories, the author is able to show how being awake to guidance from the spiritual realm can connect us with others in meaningful and transformational ways.”

– Verified Amazon Reviewer


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I’m an author. My first book was Nudges From Grandfather, Book 1 in the series Honouring Indigenous Spiritual Technologies.  I have a PhD in Law on “The Protection of Indigenous Medical Knowledge: Transforming Law to Engage Indigenous Spiritual Concerns.” My father specialised in Indigenous Psychology and we lived and worked with several Native American communities. Read More...