Radio interview on J-Air (Jewish Voic...

Radio interview on J-Air (Jewish Voice of Melbourne)
Interview by radio host Avraham Schwartz. Interview begins at 43:24. [...]

Painful and deep lesson from neighbou...

Painful and deep lesson from neighbour
Sobering lesson today. My wife Lisa Silvers told me a few days ago that I need to speak to our neighbour who I’ve never met after we moved in last September. She knows things like that. (Lisa spoke with the neighbour first about a week ago. (although she sensed something was wrong earlier). She has [...]

Spirit shows up in places we don̵...

Spirit shows up in places we don’t expect
I was very surprised by the outcomes from yesterday’s one hour workshop I offered: “As it is in Heaven: Gratitude as connection with the spiritual realm”. Firstly I wasn’t sure if one hour would be enough time to “slow down” and move into a deep breath of connection necessary. The conference had more people register [...]

Ancestors love to play

Ancestors love to play
 This morning I spent my day getting permission from various people to publish a chapter of my book. The chapter is about Aboriginal hero William Cooper who defended the Jews during WWII. I visited the German consulate and a Rabbi at the synagogue. Then I had a meeting about a totally different matter. I was [...]

Sometimes feeling blocked is guidance

Sometimes feeling blocked is guidance
I finished the first draft of my book a few months ago and wanted to send parts of it to Ben to get his permission/feedback as he is mentioned in a few chapters. For some reason each day I felt like I wanted to, but something blocked my simple act of just sending it to [...]

How do those who have passed on, work...

How do those who have passed on, work with us now?
Last night I was teaching the Spirituality and Social Transformation class. Towards the end I was explaining a conversation I recently had with my son Enoch where I had explored my understanding of some of the ways the spiritual realm works with us in this world. I was talking about the 5 steps of social [...]

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I’m an author. My first book was Nudges From Grandfather, Book 1 in the series Honouring Indigenous Spiritual Technologies.  I have a PhD in Law on “The Protection of Indigenous Medical Knowledge: Transforming Law to Engage Indigenous Spiritual Concerns.” My father specialised in Indigenous Psychology and we lived and worked with several Native American communities. Read More...