About Chris Kavelin


I’m an author. My first book was Nudges From Grandfather, Book 1 in the series Honouring Indigenous Spiritual Technologies. I have a PhD in Law with a thesis on “The Protection of Indigenous Medical Knowledge: Transforming Law to Engage Indigenous Spiritual Concerns”. I am an honorary research fellow at Australia Catholic University. I have tracked down a number of major pharmaceutical drugs back to origins in Aboriginal communities and then shared that knowledge with those communities as acts of voluntary service. I work in supporting the sovereignty of networks of traditional healers around the world. I discovered that the most important campaign of WWII was directly dependent on Aboriginal people and knowledge and am currently completing a book on that. My father was a psychologist that specialised in Indigenous psychology. We lived on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming where I experienced my own spiritual and cultural blindness. My awareness of my blindness and learning about the practice of humility as a means of restoration of vision is something that has informed my research methodology ever since.