Unlocking abilities from our ancestors

Honeybees dance together. They have a number of dances. One dance helps them share with each other how far away a source of good pollen is. They will wiggle their bottoms. The direction of the wiggle will tell the others the direction of the flowers and the frequency of the wiggle will explain how far. Scientists have demonstrated that the first time a bee dances in the group, it unlocks a latent genetic capacity inherited from their ancestors and a new ability, say to find the flowers to make honey, is unlocked. 20 years ago I spoke with the original researcher and confirmed humans have the same process. I mentioned this to a group of Indigenous students I spoke with several days ago, and that by participating in ceremony, dance, song and the courage to perform acts of service to others that we haven’t done before…this unlocks latent genetic capacities that we inherited from our ancestors who developed those gifts for us. But we need the courage to try new actions together to unlock those. As I finished someone announced we were now going to do a round dance and they got out the drums and they invited the whole college in the public area of the college to join in performing the round dance. I was talking about it. They took the actions and invited all to dance together and experience it.


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