A New Day

I’ve been so tearfully moved by the outpourings of the hearts of millions of women in peaceful yet incredibly powerful expressions of solidarity, justice and love in a time of great need. Today I found myself yearning for this outpouring of the hearts and souls to be an enduring transformative social process. There’s been a waking up, finding of voice, banishing the cauls of isolation, inspiring a new generation of children of mothers to fall in love with justice, increasing the spiritual qualities of courage and initiative. In reflecting on what ways this historic outpouring may have enduring effects on the progress of the collective human spirit and social transformation I came to a realisation. Undoubtedly each person will return to their community and feel gratitude and yearning for this spirit to continue. The potential for each person, to come together and reflect on the unique gifts and needs of their own local diverse neighbourhoods and develop small scale models of innovative social transformation…I think this time is unparalleled for such a collective, transformative awakening of local community action. In reflecting on this I realised that there are already existing models of such a process. In local Baha’i communities around the world there has been a long process of learning capacities of service to community involving the collaboration of diverse faiths and cultures. Today I looked at a recent international message to all Baha’is of the world and saw something that demonstrates this. “…assist the friends everywhere to appreciate that, for existing programmes of growth to continue to gain strength, the strategy of initiating community-building activities in neighbourhoods and villages that show promise must be widely adopted and systematically followed. Individuals serving in such areas learn how to explain the purpose of those activities, how to demonstrate through deeds the purity of their motives, how to nurture environments where the hesitant can be reassured, how to help the inhabitants see the rich possibilities created by working together, and how to encourage them to arise to serve the best interests of their society.” I feel so excited to think of this time as a possible period of a radical shift in how governance occurs…a shift to spiritually awake neighbourhoods celebrating and harnessing the incredible gifts of their own diversity to discover and model new ways of service to humanity.


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