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In the introduction to my book “Nudges from Grandfather”, I shared a story of when my daughter May was four years old, and how she connected to an incredible deep spiritual understanding that taught me important lessons about caring for ourselves and the earth. Now she is a young woman. Today she shared this post with me and I am so very proud of her.

“This morning I filled out a form that will potentially change the course of my life dramatically next year. It was a volunteer form to work with an NGO in a small town in Thailand that prevents child trafficking. This is a decision I have been putting off for months, mostly because the minimum time of service is 6 months and it raised so many questions for me, some admittedly more selfish than others. Am I capable of this? Am I strong enough? Will this jeopardise my career? Won’t I be lonely? etc.

Rather Ironically, for the last 6 months I have been travelling in many countries around the world and having a great time. One thing I have noticed is just how much America has an influence on popular culture and social discourse. In Every. Single. Country. Up until last night, when I thought of the election, a small rush of anxiety would course through me, nothing more. I might have ignored it, tried to distance myself from it, distract myself with other things and just be grateful that despite being an American citizen, I thankfully do not live in America myself. But there is no denying it, this election affects all of us. Last night as I felt this realisation finally start sinking in, I began to weep. I wept for humanity, for the pain of this world full of darkness and for my own pain. But those tears, while being filled with grief and sadness, also became tears of hope. Because I noticed within myself a shift, a call to action provoked by this single incident. And I decided to give up on my fears, and fill out that form.

People everywhere are feeling lost, scared, broken and angry over what has happened. I am feeling all of these things too. This election may be a tragedy that could bear some real and major consequences. But as my dad Chris Kavelin puts it, “It’s not that suddenly the world just became darker, but that a light is shining on the darkest parts because they are being called forth to be transformed.”

Once again, our broken humanity is holding a mirror up to itself and weeping. We have come face to face with a tangible reflection of the spiritual sickness of this world. In this moment it is important for us to let ourselves feel everything, just as it is. But rather than to be consumed by it, we must let our actions continue to come from a place of love and trust. We can’t let fear and anger become the fire of separation amongst us. As Rumi said, “The wound is where the light enters.” So let us fill this wound with Humanity, Forgiveness, Justice and Forbearance. This is a test for all of us to put on our spiritual armour and fight hate with love.

I love you all ” -May Kavelin


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