The morning after the election

Although feelings of grief and sadness were pretty intense yesterday and still linger like a hangover, I woke feeling quite clear headed this morning. I was sharing a dawn cup of coffee with my beloved wife Lisa. We were talking about what happened yesterday and I had some further realisations. Before T-Day, it’s not as if there wasn’t institutional racism and sexism and hyper-materialism. But lots of attempts to speak about it to the ‘unconverted’ would disappear into a still silence, absorbed by muted apathy. I noticed my own levels of apathy and complacency that had grown over the past few months disappeared this morning. I don’t trust I can leave it to the leaders to transform this for me. I can’t afford to escape my own responsibilities for the state of society anymore. It’s not that suddenly the world just became darker, but that a light is shining on the darkest parts because they are being called forth to be transformed. Now we can do something about it.

The other thing I was realising was that there are prophecies about these things, both in Native American traditions and in my own Faith, the Baha’i Faith. Good prophecies. Hopeful prophecies. There are similar repetitions in history of both Brexit and T-Day or whatever this will be called. The same levels of fear and disillusionment that lead to breakdowns in society before WWI and WWII lead to responses of light and unity. The League of Nations and then the United Nations, both partial but growing expressions of the antidote to all of this: Recognising our interdependence as one diverse family. Now we can each play our role in transforming this together with greater effect because the light is shining on the darkness and it is visible in ways never seen before.


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