Growing Indigenous Economies

I’m blessed to be teaching a university course Growing Indigenous Economies which is offered to Aboriginal community leaders from around the country. When I arrived to teach the course, my friend and colleague suggested that I arrange a Skype for the students with international guest lectures of other Indigenous peoples doing their own economic development projects. The first thought I had was some Cree elders in Canada who were working on a exciting water project. I wasn’t sure thought because the senior elder is very busy and I hadn’t been able to successfully arrange a Skype with him for over a year.

An hour later I got back to my room on campus with the intention of writing to them in the hopes that this time I might be able to arrange a Skype. Before I could write the email I saw an email pop into my inbox from the business manager of those elders, “The elders would like to Skype with you tomorrow morning”. So in the very first hour of their class the next day, the students got to listen to the Cree elders share how they are bridging the ancient worlds of Indigenous knowledge and practice with modern innovation, community service, healing of the earth and economic growth.

It was a good day.



  1. belinda belinda
    August 13, 2016    

    Which university are you teaching now? Many thanks

    • Chris Kavelin Chris Kavelin
      August 13, 2016    

      Hi Belinda,

      I teach 4 classes at two universities at the moment. At University of Western Sydney I teach Growing Indigenous Economies as well as Theory and Critique of Welfare Practice. At Macquarie University I’m teaching Globalsiation of Indigenous Medicines as well as Spirituality and Social Transformation colloquia and post-graduate Think Tanks. The Indigenous Medicine unit is tomorrow and the post graduate Spirituality and Social Transformation think tank is on Tuesday if you would like to attend.

      warm regards,


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