Spirit shows up in places we don’t expect

I was very surprised by the outcomes from yesterday’s one hour workshop I offered: “As it is in Heaven: Gratitude as connection with the spiritual realm”. Firstly I wasn’t sure if one hour would be enough time to “slow down” and move into a deep breath of connection necessary. The conference had more people register for the workshop than they expected so they had to move it from the board room into the restaurant of the hotel. It was a bit surreal at first. The first 12 people arrived about 10 minutes early. All the tables were full of people eating. We stood around looking a bit lost and double checked with the organisers. Here? In this space? An intimate workshop of connection? Someone said, “How can we meet here? This won’t work!” Eventually nearly 40 people arrived and on the dot of 2 when the workshop was meant to begin, all the people eating got up and left. We all worked together to move the tables and make a ‘circle’ of chairs. There wasn’t room to make a proper circle as it was longer than wide. But we all fit. I honoured the ancestors of the land and those of those who had travelled and spoke very briefly about grief and how it is an energy of love that can energise our actions of offering loving acts of service for/with those we love that are in the next world. I apologised for having a cold and that I would try to sing a prayer. Suddenly it was clear this was the perfect space. The acoustics were amazing and the sound was full and rich and moved through all of us. A deep silence went on for a full two minutes after the last echo faded, and then we began.
We had some conversations around practicing gratitude for loved ones in the next world by performing service for others. We then had an activity of people partnering up and sharing stories of gratitude with each other about a loved one in the next world.
After the workshop people came up and shared how they had connected with their fathers or grandparents or siblings. One thing that surprised me, and that was a repeat outcome from the previous workshop was a *man came up to me with tears in his eyes and expressed how he and his wife had ‘stillborn’ children years ago and for the first time, instead of just ‘remembering’ them, suddenly his five children were ‘there’ and he had a heartfelt connection to their souls for the first time. After speaking for about 10 minutes with me about the experience and with tears still flowing he said he was going to go for a long walk to stay present with this new connection and he left the conference.


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