How do those who have passed on, work with us now?

Last night I was teaching the Spirituality and Social Transformation class. Towards the end I was explaining a conversation I recently had with my son Enoch where I had explored my understanding of some of the ways the spiritual realm works with us in this world. I was talking about the 5 steps of social transformation from Shoghi Effendi that begin with prayer, meditation, practicing trust in an expectation of guidance, noticing signs or coincidences and acting in service to others. I  mentioned that one of the phenomena is that this creates a magnetic resonance and the heart is the perceptual organ through which we see our way towards our goal. I also explained to my son that I love him very much and that even after I die (not planning on that anytime soon!) I will continue to want the best for him, but when I have been liberated from my body I will have an even clearer vision of what his gifts are and also I will be able to see the corresponding needs in the world his gifts match. If he prays for me then he will be more open to me helping him towards those needs in our connection. I explained that I imagine it works like this:  I can’t make someone with a need his gift matches go to him, but I can speak to their grandfather in the next world and we can make a plan to encourage our grandchildren to meet so they can exchange the gifts and needs with each other. Sometimes when we meet another person and feel a very strong connection and we feel our heart open with love and a sense of familiarity as if we met them before. In those special connections it is important to trust that feeling and to explore with the person if there is a sacred reason for you having met as it can be a sign of that orchestration in the next world between our ancestors. 

Borrah Kavelin, Maime Seto, W.Kenneth Christian, Elsie Austin, Paul Haney, Edna True, Horace Holley, Dorothy Baker, Mathew Bullock, April 1953

I finished exploring that with the class at 9pm last night, afterwards a few walked with me and one young man, Andrew, stayed on with me and we joined my dear friend Hami for some coffee. It was an amazing conversation with one of the most beautiful human beings I have ever met. I was humbled by his sincerity and purity of heart. At one point I was mentioning how my grandmother had become Baha’i in the 1930’s after seeing a white Baha’i woman treat a black woman with great respect and dignity. I mentioned that this was because she came from Jackson, Mississippi and was intimately sensitive to racism and that my great-grandfather (I realise this morning I was wrong, it was my grandmothers 1st cousin) was a member of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.) I then mused out loud, “I suppose he may have been the only white member on that way back then…” Andrew waited a time and then calmly said, “My grandfather was on the NAACP too.”


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