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New Book “Nudges From Grandfather”

nudges_image_03Is there a “next world”? Are loved ones who have died somehow still with us?

In 1938 the German Reich inflicted a wave of violent, all night attacks on several Jewish communities (Kristallnacht). Far away in Australia, William Cooper, a distinguished Elder of the Yorta Yorta Nation, led a little-known march to the German Consulate to deliver his letter protesting the violation of those human rights.

How contemporary Jewish and Aboriginal communities re-connected with that protest is but one chapter in a book recounting true stories of many miraculous chains of events.

Each chapter has its own story, each story its own theme, but common throughout are lessons on the reality of spiritual technologies: following steps of prayerful, contemplative action; acting with ceaseless energy; working mindfully with ancestors; and expressing gratitude for the emerging blessings.

We are each connected with the spiritual realm. Some may call spiritual forces ancestors, others angels or still others, the names of forms of divine power in their traditions. Whatever their names, these forces work intimately with us when we seek to be of service to others. When asked to perform an act of service beyond one’s abilities or education, there are those in the next world who can work with us.  Find Out More....



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I’m an author. My first book was Nudges From Grandfather, Book 1 in the series Honouring Indigenous Spiritual Technologies.  I have a PhD in Law on “The Protection of Indigenous Medical Knowledge: Transforming Law to Engage Indigenous Spiritual Concerns.” My father specialised in Indigenous Psychology and we lived and worked with several Native American communities. Read More...